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I Got It, You Got It – Who’s Fielding Your Social Media Requests?

Social media is relatively new to the business world, with many companies still adjusting to the role it plays in connecting with customers. Because of the uncertainty that exists around the use and value of social media, it stands to reason that companies may be conflicted when it comes to assigning responsibility for managing social media communications. Should the marketing department manage all of a business’s social media accounts, responding to tweets and Facebook posts?  Should the administrative staff post daily updates? Or should the business owners/executives be directly involved?

For a consumer-focused business, the answer is none of the above. Read More…

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In Customer Service, Why Does The Phone Still Rule?

Think of the people with whom you tele-connect on a regular basis. You may have a business contact who communicates strictly through email, or a colleague who prefers sending texts. You use Skype and Google Hangouts for your contacts in faraway places. Some people can only be reached via Facebook. So where does the phone fit it these days? That’s only for family, close friends, and emergencies.

But when it comes to customer service, most people would still rather use the phone and talk to a live person.

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