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Has “Customer Engagement” Lost Its Meaning?

It’s hardly possible to go an hour these days without hearing the term, “customer engagement” in one form or another. Marketers, business owners, and consultants all reach out to us with headlines that seem to scream, “How to engage your customer” or, “5 tips to improve customer engagement.”

But anyone who has been in the business world a while knows that when a trendy term is bandied about enough, it quickly loses its luster, and often its meaning as well. Read More…

Aug 192013 Tagged with , , ,

I Got It, You Got It – Who’s Fielding Your Social Media Requests?

Social media is relatively new to the business world, with many companies still adjusting to the role it plays in connecting with customers. Because of the uncertainty that exists around the use and value of social media, it stands to reason that companies may be conflicted when it comes to assigning responsibility for managing social media communications. Should the marketing department manage all of a business’s social media accounts, responding to tweets and Facebook posts?  Should the administrative staff post daily updates? Or should the business owners/executives be directly involved?

For a consumer-focused business, the answer is none of the above. Read More…

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A Small Talk About Big Ideas in Customer Service

We are truly in a vastly different communications environment than even ten years ago. Smart phones and tablets are now the norm. Texting, tweeting, and posting to Facebook are the new ways we communicate. While most customers still pick up the phone to obtain service, the difference today is that their experience on that call is more likely than ever to be shared on networks that didn’t even exist a decade ago. When a service organization fails a customer, the blowback can be very public, and very widespread.

The contact center industry is challenged like many others to adapt to the new norms of customer communication. But circumstances make it difficult.

Read More…