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Maintaining the Advantages of Social Customer Care

When we think about how businesses use social media, our thoughts usually center on the marketing department.

However, judging by the preferences of North American consumers, the reality is that social media is actually more heavily used as a customer care channel.  A 2013 J.D. Power and Associates study of more than 23,000 online consumers indicated that 67% had used a company’s social media site for service, compared to only 33% for social marketing. And most customer service/contact center observers seem to think that we are only at the beginning of a long trend in this direction.  Read More…

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Making the Leap From Social Monitoring to Social Churn Prediction

The proliferation of social media listening and monitoring platforms is a sure indication that business has embraced social media as a valuable communication channel for brands and their customers to exchange information, obtain and deliver customer service, and build relationships.

With so many socially-active consumers willing to publicly share their feelings and experiences, social media has emerged as an important source of business intelligence data that drives customer insights, product feedback, reputation management, influence and reach tracking, sales forecasting…and the list goes on. Read More…

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I Got It, You Got It – Who’s Fielding Your Social Media Requests?

Social media is relatively new to the business world, with many companies still adjusting to the role it plays in connecting with customers. Because of the uncertainty that exists around the use and value of social media, it stands to reason that companies may be conflicted when it comes to assigning responsibility for managing social media communications. Should the marketing department manage all of a business’s social media accounts, responding to tweets and Facebook posts?  Should the administrative staff post daily updates? Or should the business owners/executives be directly involved?

For a consumer-focused business, the answer is none of the above. Read More…